Saturday, August 13, 2016

Harley Quinn my love.

My second order finally arrived at Hot Topic and so I went to go pick the first and the second at the same time. Ugh can ya'll tell I'm obsessed with Harley Quinn?! I love everything and I squeaked once I got home and unpacked everything. It was like Christmas came early this year and this Queen brought joy to my world. I'll be soon talking about the things I bought individually as I begin to wear them or use them. (ah, yes there be the Funko Jack Skellington and the HP bow with all my Harley stuff. Ugh loves too!!) 

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Thursday, March 24, 2016

A guilty trip I would have any day

This was such a delicious boba. I had a great time with my friends since two of them came back to LA. Nessa was here on Spring Break and Wendy is planning to make LA her habitat once more. Carlos and I already reside here so.. yeah lol. We had an adventure in Little Tokyo, and that was my first time there!! The stationery shop was a dream, I know I need to go back and buy some cute stationery stuff cause this time I decided to buy just a Dead Pool funko hehehe!! Here is where we discovered the truck that is run by ladies and the make some bobas. I got the guilt trip and ya know what?! I ain't guilty. I hope I will be having more of this deliciousness, cause I don't think they stay in one place for a long time. Then we went back to Carlos' house and played Until Dawn and it was actually an interesting game. But first we went to the liquor store and stocked up on some snacks. "We are going to do this right" wise words Wendy. And that was the first time I tried wine. She bought rose wine and I have to be honest I didn't like it lol. I was a wuss and just had a sip but they enjoyed it. We stayed late playing, eating, and drinking (I drank water) and I cannot wait and do it again. I was having the sense that, that is what it might be like to live with my friends and I cannot wait.

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Friday, March 11, 2016

New Specs

I have finally gotten new specs, and they are spectacular!! I've had my Ray-Ban spectacles for like 3 years.. And they were getting awful. I had black ones and they were losing their shininess, and were turning whitish/grayish?! Anywho, I was debating whether to get another pair of Ray-Ban glasses but then I remembered Tyler Oakley talking about Warby Parker (I always tend to attempt saying it in a British accent hehehehe). So I went to take a look and opted to give it a try because I was also going to buy a pair for my mama. And I love them, and for a reasonable price too!! The guy who helped me out that time in the shop was super nice and it was a pleasant experience overall. I am very satisfied with my specs and so is my mama. Now I want to get a pair of sunglasses now that the sun will be shinning more often (but I mean winter did not even last I feel like, sadly). 

| Song of the day : Johnny Nash - I Can See Clearly Now | 

Thursday, October 22, 2015

New Year Party Getup

New Year Party

 A casual wear for a New Years Party. A simple dress but a necklace can give it a little umph. For shoes ladies tend to go for heels and that is amazeballs too, but muah is not accustomed to heels yet. So I tend to go for the flat type of shoes, once that are comfortable for me and I can be able to tame lol.  

No Cs Please!!

Well hello there. It's been a while. I've been very busy with school work and more so now that I will be starting my two online classes this Monday. I start my Edu. 01 class and my Philosophy 01 class. I've already finished reading two chapters that my professor emailed us about before hand and I am almost done with my observation hours for that class too!! I am currently taking notes on the first few chapters of my philosophy book. (Now taking a short break hehe.) Ugh guys I cannot wait for the cold weather to hit. I am ready for hoodie season, hot chocolate, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas (oh and my birthday included somewhere there lol.) My CIS 1 class is starting to get interesting now that we are working with HTML, but we won't work on it much since it's just a class the covers computer program basics. I am stoked for my Edu. 01 class and Philosophy!! I hope I get As or Bs on my classes.. NO Cs PLEASE!! Welp back to reading and note taking.
Hope you all have a wonderful day  (:

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Monday, August 31, 2015

The preview is over..

Hey, hey!! So the preview is over, waking up early and going to school has now commence. This semester I hope won't be too stressful because my majority of classes are online. I'm already going to start take classes for my intended major, I hope it all turns out well. I really want to work with kids one way or another. Maybe along the way I can find something else that interests me and I can minor in that. Be it photography or something with filming or graphic design. I feel like this semester there were many more students since the previous two years!! The first day back was tiring but it was lively. It's nice going on the bus rides to and from school (when I have my favorite seat lol). And I won't lie, I was looking for him through the sea of faces. It has been awhile but I still have a centimeter of hope of seeing him again and maybe, just maybe FINALLY have the COURAGE to talk to him. To finally start getting over my extreme shyness (it really sucks. It limits me so much and I hate it). Anyway I hope this is a great semester and I do well in all my classes!! If you're back at school, go in with your all. Kickbutt in all your subjects and have a great school year/semester/quarter.

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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Daiso Japan

Hiya lovelies!!
So I went to Daiso Japan the other day with daddy. I have yet found another happy place (Disneyland is still my number 1). There are so many cute stationary things and so many household appliances. Everything is super cheap. The thing I saw that was the highest price range was of $3!! (which is not expensive at all!!) I got some supplies since I'm heading back to school soon. I can't wait to use them!! Op, and I also wanted to try one of the snacks and I opted for the cheese looking puffs one. There were so many snacks to choose from. It was a wonderful day and I know I'll go back soon ^-^


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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

A summer's day outfit

A summer's day outfit

Hiya there!!
Hope everyone's summer has been swell but man this heat has me melting!! Welp I put together this summer's say outfit and one day I will feel comfortable in my body and I will be able to pull this off.

| Song of the day : She Will Be Loved - Maroon 5 |

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